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Mini Introduction
We are a new expanding company set on changing the security industry

A little bit about us

LockedHome realised something, the security industry hadn’t changed for century’s and although regulated by many governing bodies, going direct to the installer was your only option.

This had worked in the past but we knew that we could do it better.

With so many different options and ideas which is the right one? Our team have all experienced the security sector with many years experience. We do not make money dependant on which system or service you require. This means that you get free impartial advise from a team that listen to what you require.


Its apparent that the decisions are manly going to be based on budget but as soon as we figure out what that is and what your after we will contact the instillation company that is suited to your needs.

If its help with a DIY system, getting a DIY system installed or choosing a professional instillation company. We can help.

To sum it up

We save you time, money and stop you paying for something you don’t need.

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Customers are saying

Chris C


The service I received was fantastic. Also really happy with the company they provided me with. save £220 from previous quotes.

Julie S


My consultant was fantastic. 5 stars

Adam H


At first I was sceptical, but as soon as I completed the online form I received a call. Locked home advised me the benefits of CCTV and living in my area I decided to go for the best system possible. With 3 burglaries in my area and having a family I wasn't going to take any chances

Marc J


I had an older alarm system in my house from the previous owner. 2 companies that came around advised told me to change it and fit a new one. It turns out there was noting wrong with the current one and with a little cheap upgrade it was as good if not better than the systems I had been offered. I saved a packet. Thank you, great service.